At least I’m not just talking to myself anymore

This is the first time I have done anything like this before. I’ve done journals and written things on my phone, but never where anyone could see it. Too scary. I have always been better with written words than speech because this way I can change it until it’s right. Otherwise, it is just a case of speaking and it all coming out wrong, word vomit (cue mean girls).

My plan for this evening was to make an instagram post – not like my usual happy-go-lucky-my-life-is-fine-lets-pretend-I-didn’t-have-three-meltdowns kind of post, but a raw and real post where everything comes out and I don’t have to hide. Obviously, that didn’t work out because that is too real and people would see it and blah blah blah.

I decided this was a better idea. I can’t promise it will always be the most eloquent, or make the most sense, or even relatable. But I need somewhere to get things out, and to read other people’s experiences.

So, here goes. The next post will be a loooong one, imma give you some background!


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