Why does depression favour the night?

Its the eerie silence of the world to match the whispering thoughts of the mind and the tears that fall.

The breath begging to be heard, slow and pained like the depths of the deepest sea.

The occasional voice or bang from the outside, momentarily thieving attention before being swept once again by the mighty wind.

The minuscule sound of a watch, counting passing seconds full of wondering, questioning and waiting, never giving mercy,

Posibilities and what ifs spinning and winding like that of the hands, before landing once again in an all familiar place.

The darkness, matching the bleak, cloudy thoughts of midnight in the middle of autumn.

Seeking solace in mundane dark corners and maze like hallways, finding a comforting peace, like entering a childhood bedroom.

Its draws in its clutches, gripping hold of promises of unseen obstacles and regrets of the next day and beyond,

Dancing alongside prospects of unsolicited promises and hopes, around and around until finally,

sleep falls and silences all.




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