A spur of the moment decision = new therapy

I’ve always been a lover of drawing, and in some cases I think I’m quite good at it. But I get annoyed if I can’t do something right or if the structure could be better and so on, my patience isn’t very high when it comes to drawing apparently!! 

Today I went on a day trip to Brighton and had such a good day, and while I was there went into a little art shop. And. Fell. In. Love. 

It was amazing (cass art if anyone wants to know). I have been looking at drawing books for a while to help with my annoyance of structure, and found this one called Draw by Jake Spicer, and so far so good!

It goes through different categories of drawing, as well as explaining the basics and tools and materials. I definitely recommend for those like me that know how to draw, just need some support with it! 

So I’m on the drawing hype again and starting off with basics! I’m already finding it soothing and think I’ll add it along with my list of things to do when times are hard. 

(My hand… Not perfect but I quite like it!)


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